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Its been a while and Im not sure if anyone still uses this but Hi everybody.

Mar. 29th, 2010

waiting to move in should be vvMore worried about new furniture. But In truth Im more worried about replacing My 4th edition players handbook so as to start gaming again. By the way if any of mu seattle freinds are interested we shall be starting a DND game shortly after we move
Been out of the loop for awhile I shall endevor to change that contact me to hang talk or carouse
So i am trying to research the crime rate in are code 98178 seattle Geting mixed reports any suggestions or better yet know anyone frome the area. Its near renton.


Just got approved for a  home loan and meeting with my real estate agent tommorow. Soon I shall be working on my house instead of my parents. Though we all know ill be doing both its nice to dream.

Ups insult war

bLAKE: So jesse when did you realize you were a douche bag?
Jesse: About the time I was washing out your mom.

There was more but damn I brought a gun to the knife fight all day.

Muppet death

So on thursday the innapropriate question on Kisw was awesome. If You were an assassin and you had to kill a muppet or sesame street Charecter in front of an audience wich would you pick and how would you do it. I went with Stanford and Waldorf the cranky old men from the muppet show. I would kill them with a pistol to the back of the head in there private box. Of course I would have to dress as Lincoln and yell death to the tyrant when I did it. Any one have a muppet to kill?
Who wants comic books. I will be giving a fair few away and selling some sets to the highest bidder or at least the first offer if any one is interested I will post a list  if not I will donate them to charity.
 So long story short a week after being in a car accident witch was no big deal  no one hurt both cars fixed cheap I am still having the worst luck ever as I then proceeded to feed my laptop an entire cup of coffee. Surprisingly it died instead of going faster. so i buried it in dry rice and waited three days. The only problem is The keyboard is pretty fucked. So I frankenstned one from value village.  Other than that life is good Bridget is crawling and trying to walk.  So untill later tootles.
So we had a b-day party for Bethany over the weekend that was completely awesome.it was a welcome change from a week of car accidents and computer mishaps witch I will explauin later as the baby is hungry



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